how long does economy ground shipping take

Our economy shipping option will take 5-14 business days to arrive, including «processing» time. The time will vary depending on your geographic location relative to Minnesota. In addition, customers near major cities often receive their shipments faster. You will receive a tracking number via email to see the progress of your package as it reaches you.

No! We treat the fulfillment process of each order the same, regardless of the shipping method. Most orders are packed and shipped the same day they are placed. Otherwise, they ship the next business day. The only difference in choosing our economy option over ground shipping is the transit time it takes to get from point A to point B.

Economy compared to standard shipping

When comparing economy shipping with standard shipping, it is true that standard shipping is a little faster than economy shipping, but in the case of national shipping , there is not really a difference between the two services. Both services offer package tracking, and in most cases delivery time to most US states is three to five business days.

There is not a big difference between standard shipping and economy shipping. Both shipping services offer package tracking services, with most taking 3-5 business days for delivery in the United States.

Shipping Costs

Economy Ground Shipping is the cheapest ground shipping option you select. For example, UPS ground freight is a less expensive option than ground truck. Express Ground Mail guarantees faster delivery, but is more expensive than Economy Ground Shipping or Standard Ground Shipping.

Land transport is less restrictive than air freight in terms of weight, size, quantity and type limitations. UPS is limited to packages weighing 70 pounds or less. You can use FedEx Ground Shipping for packages up to 150 pounds, up to 108 inches long, and up to 165 inches long plus girth.

Size of goods

Transporting large and heavy goods requires larger delivery space, so most companies prefer to use roads for transportation. Road transport takes 3-5 days to deliver the goods. If the products are smaller, you have other options like air shipping, which has a shorter duration.

Air transport is faster than maritime, rail or road transport. Light parcels have the advantage of being transported by air freight and are therefore delivered earlier. Air transport even takes one day to deliver goods compared to five days for other means of transport.

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