how often should you replace thermal paste on gpu

Thermal paste works by covering microscopic imperfections on the surface of the cooler and CPU. Although these metal surfaces appear smooth to the naked eye, they actually have microscopic imperfections that allow air to flow between the CPU and the cooler, which is not good.

This is where thermal paste comes in.

How long do heating pads last?

Note that not all thermal compounds retain their effectiveness equally. Most value options are good for two to three years, while higher-end compounds can last up to seven years. Replacing it every two or three years is a good idea and will keep your chip in top condition.

Yes, thermal paste expires, but it can take years for thermal pastes to deteriorate. Many factors affect the expiration date of thermal paste, including the company’s thermal paste you use, whether metal, carbon, or silicone, how long it has been stored, and the temperature at which you stored it.

Tips for storing thermal paste

We recommend that you only buy a small amount of thermal paste, as much as you need. This way you won’t end up with a stash of unused pasta that will go to waste. But if you need to stock up on extra thermal paste, here are some tips.

The most important thing is to close the lid properly. Thermal paste comes in a plastic syringe, with a plastic cap on top.

Why you need to replace your thermal paste

The main difference between a name brand thermal paste that costs $10 and the no name pasta which is $5 is the add-ons. You will notice more difference in six months than just after applying it.

The rules regarding thermal paste have changed. I can crack open a mid-1980s Commodore 64, and the thermal paste on its chips is marginal, but it’s probably fine. But modern chips generate more heat than chips of yesteryear. They do a lot more work per watt dissipated and cool better. But when running at full throttle, they transfer more heat.

Step 1: Turn off your computer and turn off the power

It is essential to turn off your PC to remove the card. Do not attempt to remove the card while your PC is on. You could damage the card. The PC screen will drop suddenly and may damage the device. So, always turn off your PC and unplug all power sources from it.

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