what is the strap hanging from football players

Imagine this scenario: It’s the last seconds of a game and your football team needs a touchdown to win. The quarterback sees an opportunity and throws a pass to a wide receiver. However, the receiving player loses the ball and the game is lost. How did it happen?

Maybe it was human error, but more often than not a player can’t handle a ball effectively if their hands aren’t moisture-free. A single slip can be the difference between winning or losing a game. Football towels prevent this from happening.


The center is the first person to touch the ball. The central hands must be dry. The exchange between center and quarterback is often muffled as the center’s hands are sweaty, making the ball look greased.

Not only are the center’s hands sweaty, but often when he steps into 3-point position, sweat drips from his face and arm onto the ball. This is why having a dry towel handy at all times to wipe off sweat is almost mandatory for an establishment.

Where do NFL players urinate?

Channing Crowder | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Since we don’t see too many players doing disappearing acts during NFL games and there’s no pool to relieve themselves, there must be a another tactic at their disposal.

Prevent wet clothes from sticking to you

Footballers often tie a piece of cloth around their waist to prevent wet clothes from sticking to them. This band is also called a «towel» and is made of cotton, nylon or polyester fabric.

The towel can be folded in half for smaller players or folded in half for taller players, depending on their size and the amount of moisture they may encounter during play. players often hang their towels around their waists so that they cover as much body surface as possible when they are profusely wet or sweaty.

Wetting your pants

Believe it or not, wetting your pants on the football field is another of the most common ways NFL players pee during a game. match. The reasoning behind this is quite simple, it’s the easiest way to do it.

Whether on the field, in meetings or on the sidelines, NFL players have been known to wet their pants for years.

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