why do some football players have tails

Imagine this scenario: It’s the last seconds of a game and your football team needs a touchdown to win. The quarterback sees an opportunity and throws a pass to a wide receiver. However, the receiving player loses the ball and the game is lost. How did it happen?

Maybe it was human error, but more often than not a player can’t handle a ball effectively if their hands aren’t moisture-free. A single slip can be the difference between winning or losing a game. Football towels prevent this from happening.

Running Back

Ball security is job security. The famous quote mumbled by Bill Belichick. Ensuring the ball is secured through all 5 points of contact in the open field and through contact could be the difference between winning and losing games.

A runner should always have a towel to dry their hands, as well as their forearms and biceps. Believe it or not, sweaty biceps and forearms are a big reason why defenders take the ball from you. Ensuring some type of grip and that all points are secure is where the towel is best used.

Where are the other athletes going?

MLB fans have witnessed what some baseball players choose to do when they need relief. They take a bathroom break while the game is playing.

You may remember when former Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez calmly walked towards the green monster and disappeared behind a gate during a field change in 2005. He came back before missing a pitch and the moment was over. like just one of those «Manny being Manny» cases. But the gardener showed that day how powerful the call of nature is.

Helps reduce sweating

The strap that hangs from football players is called the “chin”. It is worn to help reduce sweating and helps keep the helmet on your head during matches.

Without the chin bar, sweat could leak out of the helmet and run down your face or eyes. Players who wear helmets without straps are at risk of concussions, as their helmet can be thrown from their head in high-speed collisions.

Wetting your pants

Believe it or not, wetting your pants on the football field is another of the most common ways NFL players pee during a game. match. The reasoning behind this is quite simple, it’s the easiest way to do it.

Whether on the field, in meetings or on the sidelines, NFL players have been known to wet their pants for years.

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