why does my dog lick other dogs ears

If a dog exhibits this behavior frequently, it may have a compulsive disorder that requires veterinary attention. (The licked dog should also be checked by a veterinarian for any signs of an ear infection.) “He may need more environmental enrichment, something like a long chew to keep him busy,” suggests Dr. Pike. «If licking is truly a compulsive disorder, behavior modification and psychopharmacological intervention may be needed.» There is also another option: the fearsome Elizabethan cone. According to Dr. Pike, sometimes a physical barrier is enough to interrupt an obsessive behavior.

May indicate an ear infection

Another reason dogs may lick another dog’s ears is that they can detect an ear infection. They can even detect this infection before it becomes severe enough for the dog to show signs and symptoms. That’s how good your dog’s sense of smell is.

If you see him licking another dog’s ears a lot, you can check if the ears are dirty inside or if some kind of discharge is coming out of the dog’s ears. Sounds gross, but your dog just might like the taste of this dump (ew).

They love the flavor

We know this one is super weird. But it’s true: some dogs like to lick other dogs’ ears simply because they like the taste. We may think that our dogs’ earwax might smell a little weird, but dogs often enjoy the smell as much as the taste.

Disgusting? Yes, harmful? For nothing. There’s nothing to worry about here except that your dog might get bad breath later on.

Ear licking is a complex canine behavior

Dogs are pack animals, which means that most of their daily activities involve some form of communication. The constantly changing social structure of a pack requires dogs to be good communicators.

Two dogs who are close friends or family members often groom each other. The ears are a place that can get very dirty and dogs cannot brush them on their own. If you see a dog licking his ears, whether they belong to another dog, a cat or even you, he is saying two things:

It’s part of grooming

During For a long time, I’ve known that cats are the only animals that lick themselves when grooming, but to my surprise, dogs do too. While you’re at it, you may need a little help cleaning hard-to-reach places like the ears, and the best way is to allow another dog to lick them.

Although disgusting, the dog having its ears licked loves the attention the action generates. I have noticed that my dog ​​loves to lick other dogs’ ears when lounging with his companions. However, I really wanted to examine their ears as excessive licking can lead to ear infections.

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